so i woke up to a phone call from pete adams, attorney and old frequent of my starbucks. what started off as a joke has turned into my being his secretary of sorts, starting this sunday. he's paying me $15-$20/hr to type transcripts for him, and its all going to be via email, so i never have to put pants on or leave my apartment. sweet mother of god how much does that rule. ooh i need that scrilla.

today is also my hbic(amanda)'s double deuce birthday. happy birthday bitch.


so this will be my 3rd post today because i've been sitting at my computer for about 6 hours. i've been thinking about all kinds of crazy things today. for instance, how questions and ideas lead to productivity. why don't my questions lead me to productivity? i mean, i've got a lot of questions. the dilettante thing is totally a joke. i want to be really good at something. if i'm not in school next semester i'm going to be fucked. i need to call my advisor. i also need to find some roommates for the next 2 months. i need to finish some of these fucking things i've started. i'm sure they'll all turn out alright. guess its time to refill my prescription.

everybody's comin down with the same thing
everybody's comin down with the same thing

well here's some more pictures of niggers being niggers:

i miss deez

i'm pretty sure i'm getting sick. probably mono since that's what amanda has. as awful as this sounds i would love to go a week without work. i've got vacation hours saved. bring on the shit. for real though, if its not one thing its another.

i need to do something amazing this summer. i need to take a trip. really bad. i need to see some new things.

so, since no one else reads this, i can write about this shit. i'm getting so tired of being alone. i never thought i would be the last one of my friends to find someone. maybe that's what i get. ever since i broke up with sam i've found myself with one shitbag after another. its been two years, and i mean i've never been the type of girl that needs a guy's attention to feel good about herself, but sometimes even I need a snuggle nugget. the best feeling is the giddy one you get about someone you're attracted to, but the worst feeling is when the giddy goes away and it turns into sad desperation. thank god for good family, good friends, good green, and my precious cat.

this all comes from listening to sad bastard music. that's why you should never do it.


i know its cheating

i've been downloading music like a madwoman lately. among the hundreds of new files on my itunes are the first 5 tracks from the new sigur ros album. this is ridiculous how obsessed i've been. i carried my computer into work with me sunday to watch the live webcast of sigur ros from bonnaroo. and i've never been so excited to see a live performance that i wasn't physically there for. point is, set aside $20, some freetime, and a j for june23rd.

on the subject of cheating, i've been reading websites on sustainable living and efficient spending. i can't wait to make this big house my own. being broke for the next three months will hopefully be worth living in a place with all the amenities of home. i'm sick and tired of living like a goddamn caveman. a goal i've set for myself is make 90% of my home decor dyi. pictures will come shortly. next project is homemade butter.

1. t-shirt rug
2. tie-dye dress
3. paper flowers
4. poodle yarn rug
5. siddhartha
6. alabama power
7. psychology advisor
8. xy chromosomes