Its been a month. This is what's fcking happening:

Josh and I moved into our new house. Its huge. So fucking huge. Being in this house makes me so happy even though I've been so hard up for money that I've had to forgo food a couple times. We were done over pretty hard, but the silver lining is not having to live with an irresponsible shithead. In September two of my favorite co-workers are moving into the house with us, and life should get a little easier.

I did work for that attorney--a little bit of work. I'm not sure if I'll hear from him again after I get paid this time. I wanted that to work out. REALLY GD BAD.

Crazy things have been happening in my head. Lots of random people have crossed my path lately. Its a strange feeling...I mean I haven't done anything besides go to work in about a month, so I haven't really made an effort to see friends or meet people. I've spent a lot of time with old friends this summer, and that's been amazing. I've spent a lot of time with people I've never met before this summer, and that's been fucking weird. I've spent a lot of time thinking about growing up and being responsible for myself this summer, and I've spent a lot of time trying to explain it to these folks, and I'm not sure why. I've spent some time getting to know my dad. I may have finally figured him out. I feel for the first time in years like we kind of respect each other. And I've never appreciated my mom more in my life. I miss my grandmother and my cousins. I miss Amanda and Chomps. I miss the friends I made last summer. I miss Ann. I want to take a vacation somewhere. I want to register for my classes this fall. I'm going to reteach myself French, and I'm going to learn how to play my guitar after about 10 years, and I'm going to start cooking regularly. I've been reaching a couple epiphanies...pretty much daily. Maybe its the melange. I don't think I'll make it through August without giving myself an aneurysm.

This house is the nest of dreams!

Seriously, I've felt some FORFCKINGREAL changes happening. Time to start growing up and stop giving a shit about what everyone else is doing. It breaks my heart to see good folks legitimately destroying their lives, but what the fuck can anybody do about it? I'm finished with aspiring shitbags. I'm over it. Its time to get real, because I'll be runnin' up that hill too soon.

Dynamo is happy here, too. She makes this drunk face every time I scratch her head. GOD.