In just two days, the happy little homestead we've made here will be invaded. I'm not ready I'M NOT READY. There are a million things happening in my brain at all times. Dicky Shittus.


So when I have a little money again, I decided on a couple expensive, unnecessary things I'm going to buy myself as a reward for not trying to kill myself in the past 3 months.
First, I'm going to get a pair of fucking retarded sweet headphones:

Second, I'm going to get a pair of boots of a quality variety. I don't know what kind. I'm doing it though. Maybe deez:

On a serious note, the next couple weeks are going to be nuts. Deesnuts. I guess I don't have to be here if I don't want to be here. I'm honestly just a little concerned about the miscreants that could potentially be frequenting my house.

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